It is an exciting time to see how Jawa will fare in the market if Yezdi also comes to the stage.

Jawa Yezdi Front
The Yezdi brand was also launched by Ideal Jawa

The Indian biker communities are thrilled at the launch of the post-World War themed Jawa motorcycles. The new slew of motorcycles promised a feel of the early 20th century. But while most are thrilled to get their hands on a Jawa, some feel a sad nostalgia about the Yezdi motorcycle.

A part of the Jawa family, there is no clear idea about whether Yezdi will make another entry into the Indian market because this iconic bike is facing legal trouble and financial crises.

Jawa was marketed in India by a company named Ideal Jawa, which also laid down the initial steps to establish the Yezdi trademark. With the factory in Mysuru, Karnataka, the company was owned by Rustom Irani who was originally from Iran. But he made the Jawa and Yezdi companies flourish in the 1980s and 1990s.

But soon, on facing labour disputes and debts, Ideal Jawa went into liquidation in 1996. But soon, the Irani family were able to win back the assets to the Ideal Jawa in 2003, though they couldn’t acquire those of the Yezdi.

With the huge amount of debt to pay to make up for the losses by Yezdi, the trademark was put up for sale in 2015, with the permission of the Karnataka High Court. But the trademark was surprisingly transferred to Boman R Irani, the son of Rustom Irani. This was done by the office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. Currently used for leather products, the Yezdi trademark is battling another case between Boman Irani and Mirza International at the Delhi High Court.

A letter from the official liquidator to the registrar of trademarks in Delhi, Kolkata and Gujarat talked about the directors/promoters trying their best to register the same trademarks anew. But this was causing irreparable damage to the company in liquidation. “And further, the said trademark has been removed without any notice to the company (in liquidation)”, the letter continued.

While the company still has debts to clear away which also include to the workmen, it will be interesting to see who will bid for the trademark. Since Mahindra has launched the Jawa once again in India, it is likely that Yezdi trademark will also be bid aggressively.

Yezdi Comeback

– Company currently facing financial debts and legal lawsuits
– Was marketed by Ideal Jawa in India
– Likely that Mahindra competitors will bid for the trademark

Yezdi Roadking Side
Currently facing lawsuits, it is unclear whether the brand will come back into production
Jawa Yezdi Rear
The Yezdi trademark will likely see a strong bidding from Mahindra’s competitors

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