Hero MotoCorp has re-engineered its 100cc engine that now offers improved fuel efficiency as per the company’s new ad campaign.

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Hero MotoCorp has revealed its new ad campaign that talks about having improved the fuel efficiency on its range of 100cc motorcycles. The company states that the 100cc engine has been re-engineered (with an increased compression and change in piston surface design) and now offers more mileage, improved power and better ride-ability. The engine in question has been powering Hero commuter motorcycles over decades and is found on a range of models including the Passion Pro, Splendor Pro, Splendor iSmart, the recently launched Splendor Pro Classic, HF Deluxe and HF Dawn.

The Honda sourced 100cc engine was first updated on the Splendor Pro earlier this year with improvements to the power and fuel efficiency figures and Hero MotoCorp has now extended the same updates to other motorcycles as well. Hero’s bread and butter motor, the 100cc unit has always been a brisk seller offering hassle and maintenance free ownership over the years. Despite being decades old, the engine still remains a favourite with the masses for its sheeer practicality.

After showcasing its future products at the beginning of this year, Hero has been updating its entire model lineup for the year with aesthetic and mechanical upgrades. The company’s new direction promises two-wheelers that offer more performance, technology, equipment and fuel efficiency. In a bid to provide the same, Hero more recently launched the Splendor iSmart which is the first bike in the world to get the idle stop-start system as standard for improved fuel efficiency. Hero will continue updating its model range and also has new launches planned for the current fiscal that will further add to the company’s strong growth.

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The updated engine offers improved power, ride-ability and more fuel efficiency