Honda seemed to attract a lot of attention at the Auto Expo 2016 with launches like the Navi and concepts motorcycles like the CX02.

Honda CX02 Concept 1
The design of the CX-02 looks very futuristic

The first day of the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi saw a lot of new unveils, launches and concepts. But one that attracted almost everyone instantaneously was the Honda’s concept CX02. The motorcycle looks powerful and probably flaunts a 600cc engine or bigger. The CX02 flaunts inverted telescopic suspension along with an enormous single disc on the front wheel. The speedometer panel looks like something that they’d have in a hypercar.

Aesthetically speaking, the CX02 looks like nothing ever seen before and seems pretty doable if Honda decides to bring it into production someday. The edgy looks and attention to detail, such as placing the indicators on the lever protectors gives us an idea of what the near future for two-wheelers might look like. After evaluating the entire motorcycle, it seems that it can be categorized under the sport-tourer category.

Hero CX02 Concept

– The bike looks extremely futuristic and out of the world
– It will be slotted in the sport-tourer category

Honda CX02 Concept 2
The overall ergonomics and looks make it look like a sports tourer
Honda CX02 Concept 3
The twin cylinder engine looks like a 600cc mill
Honda CX02 Concept 4
The bike will look uber cool if it goes into production as is
Honda CX02 Concept 5
The instrument cluster looks way futuristic
Honda CX02 Concept 6
Honda has put up a nice show at the Auto Expo