Indian Low Cost Manufacturing
India can make things at the lowest cost and with the best quality, Bhargava says

Chinese low-cost manufacturing can be surpassed by the Indian industry if businesses and the government work together, said Maruti’s top man.

Sharing his views on Indian low-cost manufacturing and making it globally competitive at an online event organised by the All India Management Association (AIMA) on Thursday, Maruti Suzuki India Chairman R C Bhargava said the above.

According to him, India can beat China by way of the industry and the government working together. Also, he said the government should focus on increasing competitiveness of the Indian industry.

Bhargava reckons if the government does that, the industry can make things at the lowest cost along with the best quality in the world.

If the industry can produce and sell more products, more jobs will be created, noted the Maruti Suzuki India chairman, adding that creating more jobs across sectors is more important for the overall growth of the economy.

He also took the opportunity to criticise States which have reserved jobs in manufacturing for locals, claiming it as an “anti-competitive step”.

Furthermore, R C Bhargava stated that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) need to be as globally competitive as large companies, since the entire supply chain determines the overall competitiveness.

On a final note, in his speech about Indian low-cost manufacturing, Bhargava stated that the industry cannot be competitive unless workers are treated as partners.

Maruti owed its success to explaining to its workers that they will prosper if the company grew and backed that with policies and actions that delivered income and career growth to employees, he revealed.

Indian Low-Cost Manufacturing

  • India can beat China in low-cost manufacturing, says Maruti Chairman
  • He says it can be done if the industry and government work together
  • Notes that creating more jobs is important for overall economic growth
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He also pointed out the importance of creating more jobs

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