Due to quality issues of the ABS system on certain Indian Scout models, the motorcycles have been recalled.

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NHTSA of the USA has claimed that certain models of the Indian Scout line-up face the issue

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the USA, 2072 bikes are affected by the issue. Models of Indian Scout, Indian Scout Bobber and Indian Scout Sixty motorcycles manufactured between 1st March 2018 and 31st October 2018 are probably the victims of the ABS issue.

The ABS system of the bikes was not filled with the brake fluid that was not up to the quality standards. This led to the formation of air bubbles in the brake fluid that would degrade the braking efficiency over time. If the user of such bike were to feel that their brake lever is giving a softer response, it could be an indication of this issue.

Indian Motorcycle will bleed the brakes of the affected bikes and refill it with the level of fluids required that match up to the quality standards. There is no news yet of the bikes that have been sold in India that have encountered the same problem. But, if an issue is detected you could visit the nearest Indian Motorcycles dealership or service centre to get the brakes checked.

Indian Scout Recalled

– The fault could affect certain bikes of the entire Indian Scout Range
– Due to an issue, while filling the brake fluid, the issue has been raised in the Indian Scout range
– 2072 bikes have been affected by this issue

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The Indian Scout, Indian Scout Bobber and Indian Scout Sixty have been recalled due to faulty ABS