2018 KTM Duke 390 White
KTM upped the OEM tyre game when they introduced the Metzelers and no one has had an answer to them yet

KTM has started delivering the Duke and the RC 390 with MRF tyres instead of the Metzeler M5s.

The 390s have always had Metzeler M5s and people love them. This is why the only change that we have seen over the years has been the switch from ‘W’ rated tyres to ‘H’ rated ones.

However, the pandemic has made life harder for the Austrian brand. As import limitations are still in place, KTM seems to be struggling to import the German M5s.

In order to keep up with the production demands, KTM has switched to MRF Revz C1 tyres, though. This is the same rubber which we see in the smaller KTM bikes like the RC 200 and the Duke 200.

While the KTM 390s are already at the showrooms for delivery, we feel that this is a little unfair to the consumer. After all, the Metzeler M5 tyres are one of the top USPs of the 390s and an owner definitely likes the fact that they have good rubber backing them.

But since there is no announcement of a price cut for bikes with MRF rubber, this decreases the overall value-for-money factor of the KTM Duke & the RC 390. This doesn’t seem to be a permanent thing, though, and we expect KTM to switch to Metzelers as soon as they get hold of them.

Another bike that uses Metzelers is the KTM Adventure 390. There’s no news about the ADV switching to some other rubber currently, though. However, it will be interesting to see which tyre Bajaj/KTM choose for the ADV 390 if and when they run out of the existing stock of Metzelers.

Lastly, there are some rumours that KTM might decrease the prices of the 390 offerings in the future if they keep on struggling to import the M5s. We hope they implement this soon as this might boost their sales in the upcoming festive season as well.


  • KTM has started delivering the Duke & RC 390 with MRF tyres
  • The bikes get MRF Revz C1, which replace the Metzeler M5s
  • The switch has occurred because KTM seems to be struggling with the import of the German tyre
KTM RC 390 Colours New Metallic Silver
The RC 390 will definitely feel a little weird without the Metzelers for company