BS6 Mahindra XUV500 Diesel AT
As cars get more modern, they need the latest computer systems to control all the features

The launch of new-generation Mahindra Scorpio and 2021 XUV500 is likely to be delayed owing to the dearth of semiconductors on a global scale.

The sudden increase in the usage of consumer electronics and a fast rebounding car industry has further worsened the situation as chip producers, who were first hit by COVID-19 and resultant lockdowns, struggle to meet demand.

Recent reports suggest the shortage of semiconductors will drag into the second quarter of the next fiscal year, thereby affecting car manufacturing the world over.

With this being the case, Mahindra, which recently had to send the 2021 Thar to dealerships without the touchscreen system (click here to read article), might well have to postpone the launch of the 2021 XUV500 and Scorpio.

Both SUVs are in for a generation change and will be much more modern than their predecessors. The upcoming second-generation XUV500 for instance will feature a Mercedes-esque instrument cluster and infotainment screen, advanced driver assistance systems, among plenty of other features.

Similarly, the next-generation Scorpio will also come with the latest connectivity technology, among others, all of which depend on semiconductors to function.

However, the situation is expected to get better in the coming months and the 2021 Mahindra Scorpio launch and the XUV500’s launch will take place within this year.

Featuring new exterior and interior design, in comparison to the outgoing models, both SUVs can be had with either a 2.0-litre turbo petrol or a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine.

Do note that the 2021 XUV500 will come with more power than the Scorpio, which will get detuned versions of both engines, and will be offered with 2 gearbox options.

2021 Mahindra Scorpio Launch
The new-generation Scorpio will sport a new look and lots more features

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