Mahindra Quanto Auto Shift

Mahindra Quanto was actually one of the first compact SUVs to have launched in the country before the EcoSport and the Duster were the norm. However, much to the disappointment of Mahindra; the Quanto really couldn’t pick up sales in spite of offering all the necessary features on a compact SUV. Giving the Quanto a second run to improve sales, Mahindra updated the Quanto with a new autoSHIFT transmission which was displayed at 2014 Auto Expo.

Mahindra Quanto gets an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) which has been due to the collaboration between Mahindra and Ricardo. The Quanto features a new 5-speed AMT which improves the driving experience especially in a city driving cycle and also results in improved fuel economy. The autoSHIFT incorporates some new advanced technologies like the advanced electronic control and hydraulic actuation system that senses the demand of power and selects the gear accordingly.

The AMT feature is very much similar to the one found on the Maruti Celerio, with Quanto being the first in its class to offer the same. An AMT unit costs much less than a conventional automatic transmission, giving the manufacturer’s a chance to price the AMT variants more reasonably. The AMT variant is being called the Quanto auto shift and could be priced above the current Quanto lineup, albeit at a marginal premium. Mahindra could also offer the AMT on its other small cars the Verito and Verito Vibe to make them more appealing.

Mahindra Quanto Auto Shift Interiors

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