Mahindra Reva E20 Steering

The REVA e2o was Mahindra’s one more attempt to kick start the electric vehicle segment in India. The e20 received accolades for being quite astonishing on how it was engineered and how it could change the future of motoring. The price at which it came was a bummer at some level. However now after the government has decided to allot a whopping Rs. 14,000 crores in electric vehicle subsidiary, Mahindra has decided that before the prices go down, let’s completely finish the product in terms of whatever short-comings it has.

The Mahindra e20 has all the gadgets in the car which are required for a smart electric vehicle to ply effortlessly on our roads. Projector lights, a fully loaded infotainment system and much more. However what it did not have is a power steering. Lack of power steering in a city car was not a good idea as it is a big hassle parking into tight spaces with that extra heavy steering. When people ask about it to the company, usually there is no response but not in this case.

On the Mahindra e2o facebook page, when a customer asked about the car getting power steering, the response was positive. The company’s page confirms that power steering is on its way and launch is around the corner. The best part here is that the automaker says it will be fitted to existing customer cars as well. Obviously there is a going to be price increase on both levels. The one which will come factory fitted and the other which will be fitted to the customer’s car outside. Expect a pricing of Rs. 30,000/- above the normal price and later next year a healthy price deduction will follow when the new subsides kick in.