Patents for the recently launched Suzuki Hayate EP have surfaced along with what looks like the old Kinetic Challenger. The Challenger’s re-launch might point towards a new direction for Mahindra, as they have been unable to capture the two-wheeler commuter segment till date.

Mahindra Kinetic Challenger Re-Launch
Mahindra might launch a modernised version of the old Kinetic Challenger

Patents for new Suzuki and Mahindra products have just surfaced. Mahindra’s patents came out of nowhere. What looks like the old Kinetic Challenger, could be launched soon, as we have seen product launches usually follow the company’s patent applications. Mahindra could be playing on the nostalgia factor as the Challenger was one of the most modern two-wheelers of its time.

Mahindra has not been able to gain much success in the Indian two-wheeler segment. While their products were pretty decent, they were unable to garner the trust and liking of the Indian populous. Recently the company disclosed plans to cease operations in the mass market segment, and concentrate more on premium market with bikes like the Mojo and more, which will be based on the same platform. However, the patent for the Challenger might point towards a new strategy for its mass market products.

Kinetic has always been known for being one of the most ambitious companies in the Indian markets. In spite of its products being one of the most innovative options, the company’s somewhat questionable quality control caused most of its products to be major flops. Products like the Boss and Challenger couldn’t capture the market for Kinetic due to the superior build quality of the Hero Honda Splendor and the Bajaj Boxer.

While the Kinetic brand seems to have vanished since, it looks like Mahindra plans to bring the old timer back from its grave. The revival of the Challenger, with modern touches and quality improvements, could prove to be successful due to the nostalgic factor attached to the brand for many of us. The Challenger might be powered by the same engine used on the company’s Centuro, with the styling remaining old school. The rugged simplistic looks are sure to stand out in the commuter segment, which are full of somewhat bland machines.

Mahindra might be following Yamaha’s footsteps here. Yamaha tried to capitalise on its RX100’s legendary status by launching the Saluto RX. The less we talk about that, the better. From the looks of it though, the Challenger seems to retain almost all the styling features of the old bike. We hope it gets a new punchier engine instead of the Centuro’s unit to go with the name. The product might be launched by this festive season.

Mahindra Kinetic Challenger

– Patents which look like the old Kinetic Challenger have been made by Mahindra
– Mahindra might launch the bike by this festive season
– This seems to be an attempt to tickle the nostalgic nerve in the mass market consumers
– Patents of the Suzuki Hayate were also seen

Suzuki Hayate EP Patent
The Suzuki Hayate EP was also patented