2013 Mahindra Centuro Test Ride

Mahindra, the name which is present in every field. Six wheels to two wheels, it’s there all right. Mahindra 2-Wheelers’ recent re-entry into the market has made people stand up and take notice. The two entry level products which came with “wow” features has seen tremendous response. The styling, dynamics, features and fuel efficiency is spot on too. All this make customers think, what can possibly go wrong if everything is all right. Risk is taken and despite dim light alike amount of advertising done by the company, the products are being sold and in return a waiting period is chalked out automatically by customers and company in tandem. Customers are booking their motorcycles while Mahindra continues to raise production limit.

Mahindra has ambitious plans for sustaining this growth. 10 products will be launched in 2014 and when asked what market are you aiming for, Mahindra answered all. When specifically asked if Mahindra would enter into the cruiser market, the answer was yes, they would enter in the lower end of the enthusiast segment as well. Mahindra will use expertise from every field they are present in. For example the Formula-E partnership will help them make powerful electric vehicles and when we mean vehicles that means motorcycles too. A battery powered motorcycle or a much powerful electric car will see the daylight before 2020 says Mahindra.

While mainstream manufacturers are focusing on electric and turbocharged motorcycle around the world, niche manufacturers from nowhere are building electric bikes and even racing it for the sake of racing! Mahindra pretty much falls in the same category, so expecting a electric motorcycle from them is a very high possibility. Speaking about this may be early, agreed, but can’t be denied. We could term it as a scoop, but never mind, when this happens, you know where you heard this first.

Mahindra racing needs no introduction. Six victories in eight races and technology being shared with other companies showcases how passion and progress with help of super-duper computers is helping a relatively unknown brand in the world of racing to win races and making the nation proud as well. Mahindra also said that the upcoming Mojo is getting goodies and gyan from racing experience. God bless telemetry equipment. So, what to expect from Mahindra as a 2-wheeler company in the next 5-6 years? Well, now you know that you should expect motorcycles in every segment with unheard technologies and features.

The point we are trying to make here is and we have said this before. Motorcycling is getting better, at least in India and throughout Asia. Indian manufacturers are busy linking up and bringing new platforms with powerhouses. Rest of the manufacturers from around the world are here too and they are being courteous enough to establish themselves in our home and give us value and performance and it’s time we do the same in return. Mahindra is going the right way? Certainly yes, but let time tell us that. Meanwhile, lets chew the food we get, relish it rather than swallowing it.