Mahindra’s revised sale strategy is to put more focus on premium motorcycles like the Mojo. The move is meant to establish Mahindra as a premium brand in India, as they have currently not been doing so well in the mass market segments.

2016 Mahindra Mojo Long Term Reliability
Mahindra has started uplifting its brand image with the launch of the Mojo

While the Indian two-wheeler market thrives, Mahindra does not seem to be getting the better end of the conditions. While mass market has always been the way to go for huge profits, Mahindra has been unable to capitalise this market unlike its rivals. While Hero, Honda, Bajaj and TVS fight for supremacy, Mahindra is still one of the niche manufacturers in this segment with approximately 1% of market share. The company has thus realised that a change in plan is due.

Mahindra currently sells just two motorcycle models; the Centuro and Mojo, and three scooters; Duro RZ, Rodeo Uzo and Gusto. According to SIAM data, Mahindra’s market share was 1.04% in the financial year 2014-15, with 1,65,364 units sold. This number fell down to 0.88% for the financial year 2015-16 with the company managing to sell just 1,44,355 units.

Looking at the trend, Mahindra made a new sales strategy which started with the launch of the Mojo in October 2015. The Mojo marked the start of a new direction for Mahindra, which aimed to uplift its brand image with the new release. The Mojo was based on an all new platform which could form the base for their future endeavours. The Mojo is powered by an all new 295cc single-cylinder engine which outputs 28 HP of power and 30 Nm of torque. The bike has managed to shift 500 units till March 2016.

Mahindra knows that two-wheelers like the Mojo will not be seeing high volume sales. That said, a step up to a higher capacity premium segment will establish Mahindra as a desirable brand in India and abroad. This may have a domino effect to boost the sales of their smaller products. Whatever it is, it will be nice to see Indian brands take on the higher capacity imports head on.

Mahindra Shifts Focus To Premium Two-Wheelers

– Mahindra will be revising their sales strategies to shift their market focus
– Mahindra has not been doing so well in the mass market segments
– The company aims to build its brand image with this move
– The new Mojo platform marks a new direction for Mahindra

2016 Mahindra Mojo Long Termer
The new Mojo platform will also form a base for future endeavours

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