The Mahindra Nuvosport is the updated Quanto which has been given a new face and a new name. The update also adds more equipment to the car.

Nuvosport Front
The Mahindra Nuvosport is the renamed Quanto with a new face

When the infamous 4-metre rule was announced by the Indian government, Mahindra was one of those automakers who were the first to respond to this development and introduced the Quanto. Though the intentions of garnering as much tax exemptions as possible from the authorities was a noble idea, the end-product wasn’t too attractive-looking and ended up getting some brickbats. But the SUV maker is not the one to back off from an idea so easily and thus Mahindra decided to give the Quanto a facelift. The facelifted Quanto, re-named as the Mahindra Nuvosport, has been spied in its full glory and many changes are clearly visible from the images.

Mahindra seems to have dipped the car in their special ‘SUV maker’ potion as the car gets many butch and hardcore styling elements, though most of them are just some black plastic bits slapped on the doors and wheel arches. The car gets a completely new front face with the latest Mahindra design language of a black slim grille, big black bumper insert and a slim silver garnishing underneath the bumper to give-off the effect of a scuff plate. The headlamp cluster and the foglamp enclosure are redesigned and unique ‘eye-brow’ DRLs have been added. The hood of the car has sculpted muscular lines along with a hood-scoop with black plastic cladding. The rear of the car remains unchanged except for the tail-lamps which are now smoked.

Inside, the Mahindra Nuvosport gets some new equipment such as cruise control, touchscreen infotainment system and 8-way adjustable seats with lumbar support. A welcome addition is the AMT option and a new petrol engine option – the 1.2-litre mHawk 100. The car is expected to be released in the third week of this month and the prices are also anticipated to in the same range.

Mahindra has always been known for its polarizing designs as the automaker refuses to follow the ‘please all offend none’ policy of other manufacturers. We would like to make no judgments about the looks of the car as of now because Mahindra vehicles tend to look better in flesh than in pictures. The facelifted car will surely grab some eyeballs and will cannibalize some sales from its sister the TUV300 but hey, as long as the customer stays in the same showroom, it’s all bueno

Mahindra Nuvosport

– The Mahindra Quanto has been renamed as the Mahindra Nuvosport in its facelift
– The car gets a new front fascia and some new equipment such as cruise control and touchscreen infotainment system
– The Nuvosport is expected to be launched by the end of this month

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Mahindra Nuvosport Info
New gadgets such as cruise control and touch-screen infotainment system have been added
Mahindra Nuvosport Side
The car gets the off-road treatment with plastic cladding all around
Nuvosport Back
The rear of the Nuvosport remains largely unchanged

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