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The cabin has a premium feel and I like the all-black layout

What matters to me is the luxurious feel that the Maruti S-Cross offers. The interiors feel rich; the leather seats are plush but might I say that the surface of the seats feels a bit slippery. The leather-wrapped steering wheel feels great to hold and comes with a familiar layout and design for the phone and audio controls. While the crossover shares a lot of switches with lower-priced Maruti cars, there are some feel-good factors in the cabin too. The front centre armrest is a nice touch, especially since it is adjustable.

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The rear seats are very spacious and can be reclined

The automatic IRVM is a useful feature and so is the keyless go function

I like the driving position because it offers a clear view of the road ahead and the well-shaped ORVMs do their job well too. The automatic day-night IRVM is what I really appreciate because I do a lot of night driving and I just like the fact that I don’t have to flick any lever for day and night modes all the time. The SmartPlay infotainment system is being used in Maruti cars since ages now, it works fine for most part but tends to throw some random glitches. I was particularly annoyed when I was heading out on a long drive and the infotainment system kept restarting every few minutes. The S-Cross comes with a 6-speaker set up with fairly good sound quality. The USB and Aux-IN ports are located inside the front armrest and it sometimes gets a bit inconvenient because you need to push the arm rest back, open it, locate the USB port and then insert the cable. A conventional position in the centre console, like other Maruti cars, would have been more user-friendly.

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The suspension is well-tuned for Indian road conditions

In terms of driving pleasure, well this car isn’t really meant to be pushed on the corners all the time. It is more of a mile-muncher and does its job well. The steering lacks feedback and feels lifeless at times. However, I am a complete fan of this suspension because it is so nicely tuned that it does a stellar job on our pothole-ridden roads plus it makes the car feel very stable no matter what kind of roads you’re driving on. The space and comfort that S-Cross offers is indeed a selling point.

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The boot is spacious and the loading lip is not very high

The older S-Cross was very good but the new one is even better as a package

Talking about space, the front seats are large in size and offer good support while the rear seat is also fairly comfortable. The backrest can be reclined which is a very nice touch and I actually used the rear seat for a few days when I had injured my shoulder and used a chauffeur for my commute. The boot is quite large, it swallows a lot of luggage with ease but the parcel tray on our car comes loose all the time and keeps rattling. Also, the front left door doesn’t shut properly in the first attempt. You always have to shut it twice. The panel gap between the front left door and the fender is also larger than usual, maybe the car had a shunt before it came to us?