Maruti Suzuki and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAEINDIA) have signed an agreement to support the SUPRA SAEINDIA 2011 competition. This competition promotes young engineering talent for automobile engineering and facilitates participants to conceive, design and fabricate formula-1 style sports cars. Through this initiative Maruti Suzuki and SAE India are providing students, an innovative, hands on and out of classroom education. This platform will enable the students to prove their capability in developing a car in real life scenario.

SUPRA SAEINDIA contest originated through the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) USA promises a level playing field to budding under graduate and post graduate engineers across India. The contest provides an opportunity to showcase their skills, understanding and passion for automobiles. The contest will see 44 teams create their dream cars and test at the renowned Madras Motorsport Club race tracks near Chennai. The winning car will be displayed at Asia Pacific Automotive Conference at Chennai in October, 2011 and Auto Expo, 2012.