The driver-oriented dashboard & the low seating position feel very sporty

Interiors – You need some strength to open those beautiful looking doors. Entering the cabin is not a straight forward affair, as one needs to scoot in. That is only expected from a supercar though. The cabin looks like it is a video game set-up! It looks absolutely phenomenal. The neatly angled dashboard, multiple rotary dials to adjust the suspension, traction control etc, toggle switches for selecting the gear, simple yet high-quality steering wheel, beautifully shaped paddle-shifters, the sense of occasion in here is simply tremendous. Even the usual controls and equipment exude a certain charm. Some quirky features take things to another level.

The instrument cluster can flip down to show only the most essential data while you are out on the race track

Things like the instrument cluster that flips open for a larger screen as you get into the car. This screen gives you a host of information and also incorporates the reversing camera. When you keep the car in ‘Track’ mode, the screen flips down revealing a thin set-up giving you only the essential info like the gear you are in, the rev counter and the speed. McLaren may have done this to keep the driver-focussed while flying laps on the track. It is so cool the way the instrument-cluster flips in and out with the change of settings. The instrumentation, in any mode, boasts of excellent clarity.

The engine bay glows red when you unlock the car

The portrait infotainment screen is sharply angled towards the driver aiding its use while driving. The screen has all your usual functions but we did not find it very intuitive to use. Some practice is essential before you can master it. We loved the rotary dials to control your suspension, steering and traction control. The placement is spot on and the buttons feel built to last. The driving position, in general, is terrific. You feel at ease the moment you step in. The design of the glass area around the door helps in making the cabin feel airier. The seats are comfortable but a little firm. Space isn’t lavish, of course, but suffices for most body sizes.

While low on practicality, the cabin is made of up of the finest quality of materials and has a lot of quirky bits

The highlight inside is really the quality of materials. Everything feels like it is built to impeccable standards of excellence. The fit, finish, attention to detail, quality of smaller elements like stalks – all feels brilliantly well done. It almost gives you a sense of being in a luxury car. Even the audio system sounds fantastic. The 720S’ interior is amongst the finest we have experienced in a supercar. Our only complaint is that, it isn’t practical enough. There is no glovebox and only one cup-holder. Storage space around the back is limited and the boot isn’t terribly large.