McLaren P1 Production Model

Official images of the new McLaren P1 production model surface the interweb ahead of the supercar’s launch at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The manufacturer hasn’t fidgeted much with the design of the production model when compared to the concept, which is certainly a good thing as the vehicle looks stunning. There are small additions in the production model including carbon fiber air vents on the front bumper, road tyres, a tighter mesh for the rear end vents and a new attractive yellow paint.

McLaren had already confirmed the hybrid powertrain details of the P1 recently. McLaren P1 is powered by a twin turbo 3.8-litre mid-mounted V8 engine with an electric motor producing a combined maximum power output of 903 HP with a whopping 900 Nm of peak torque coupled to a 7-speed automatic dual clutch gearbox transmitting the power to the rear wheels. The lightweight electric motor alone produces a peak power output of 176 HP with 260 Nm of peak torque.

The 96 kgs battery this placed below the MonoCage carbon fiber chassis. The McLaren P1 hybrid supercar emits less than 200 g of CO2 per km and can also be driven on zero-emissions electric power alone for around 10 kms. The plug-in charger system can fully charge a discharged battery within just two hours. The McLaren P1 also comes equipped with an Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) that provides full 903 HP of power to the twin-turbo engine. The McLaren P1 will take on the likes of the upcoming Ferrari F150 and Porsche 918 Spyder. Only 375 units will be made to keep the vehicle a very rare sighting on the roads.

McLaren P1 Performance Stats

0 – 100 km/hr – less than 3 seconds
0 – 200 km/hr – less than 7 seconds
0 – 300 km/hr – less than 17 seconds (5 seconds faster than the McLaren F1)
Top Speed – 350 km/hr (electronically limited, McLaren F1’s top speed – 386 km/hr).

The McLaren P1 can be driven in pure electric mode for up to 20 kms with an average speed of 48 km/hr. The driving range varies on the speed. McLaren has priced the P1 at $11,50,000 (Rs. 6.2 crores).

McLaren P1 Production Model Cabin

McLaren P1 Production Model Dashboard

McLaren P1 Production Model Interiors

McLaren P1 Production Model Speedo

McLaren P1 Production Model Front

McLaren P1 Production Model Spoiler

McLaren P1 Production Model Top
McLaren P1 Production Model Rear