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Certain G-Class models are part of the recall

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall in India over a safety-related issue. In all, 103 passenger cars are affected and they cover the E-Class, GLC, CLS and G-Class.

E-Class sedans manufactured between 8th August and 20th October, 2018 and GLC SUVs that were produced between 20th June and 6th October, 2018 have been affected by the issue that surrounds the seat belt.

Certain number of units of the CLS and G-Class vehicles that were manufactured between 9th July and 2nd October, 2018 are also included in the recall.

We do not know the exact split between the models and which is affected the most, but Mercedes-Benz says the recall is for 103 units in total.

An official statement from Mercedes-Benz states that the seat buckle housing of the affected vehicle might not have been manufactured according to specifications.

Thus, even a seat belt that is correctly fastened could be erroneously detected as not fastened in the affected models.

If that is the case, then neither the electric PRE-SAFE function, nor the pyrotechnic tensioning would be activated in the event of a crash.

The full effect of the restraint system could be impaired and risk of injury for occupants could be increased, the manufacturer added.

So far, no customer has been reportedly affected or injured due to the issue. The Mercedes-Benz recall is voluntary, while the free inspection and replacement will take less than two hours.

Customers will be contacted through calls and email and due to the current situation, customer cars could be picked and returned after completion of the job.

If they want, customers could drop their vehicles at the service centre for replacing the faulty part, but an appointment should be made prior to their visit.

Many Mercedes-Benz dealerships and service centres are open at present, but due to changing dynamics of the pandemic in India, we do not know when the recall will be completed.

The German carmaker launched a couple of products digitally in the past few months and more product launches are expected to happen in the coming months.

Mercedes India Recall

  • Mercedes-Benz recall issued for 103 passenger cars in India
  • E-Class, GLC, CLS and G-Class models are affected
  • Faulty seat buckle housing will be replaced in the affected cars
Mercedes India Recall
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