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This challenge tested the rear seat comfort while off-roading

Sui Dhaga Challenge – The idea of this challenge is to test the comfort and ride quality of these SUVs. In this challenge, Faisal drove the SUVs one by one while Arushi sat in the rear seat and attempted putting a thin thread through a needle. It might sound easy but it wasn’t because the cars were being driven on rocky terrain and hence there was a lot of movement inside the cabin. To keep the challenge fair, all the SUVs were driven on the exact same route at an exact speed of 20 km/hr.

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The Discovery Sport’s smooth ride made it a clear winner

Despite heavy rains and being covered in mud, the participants didn’t give up and put their best foot forward

Arushi could thread the needle the maximum number of times in the Discovery Sport, followed by the Endeavour and the Duster. However, she just couldn’t do it in the Scorpio thanks to its bumpy ride which made the needle fall from her hand! Surprisingly, she could do it just once in the Harrier even though it boasts of very good ride quality.