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We had to exclude the Duster & the Harrier due to their towing hooks

Tug Of War – We are all familiar with the tug of war so it needs no introduction. Out of the 5 SUVs, we used only the Endeavour, Discovery Sport and Scorpio in this challenge. We had ordered a high capacity towing rope with durable shackles and these shackles didn’t quite fit properly in the Duster’s rear towing hook which is why we had to omit it from this challenge. We also omitted the Harrier because we almost found it impossible to locate the rear towing hook!

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The 2WD Scorpio had no chance against the Discovery Sport & Endeavour

First, we pitted the Discovery Sport against the Scorpio and since our Scorpio was a 2WD, it didn’t really stand a chance and lost. A 4WD Scorpio would’ve been quite something though! Anyways, it was easy for the Endeavour to pull the Discovery Sport but the latter did give it some tough competition. Both the 4WD SUVs battling it out was quite a scene. Finally, we pitted the Endeavour against the Scorpio and it was child’s play for the Ford to pull the Mahindra.

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What vehicles do you want to see go off-road next?

So that’s about it, for now. We’ll be back with the next edition of the Festival of Mud which will have different SUVs of course. In case you guys have any suggestions or feedback, do let us know by commenting below. If you want us to include any particular 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler, do tell us and we’ll try our best to include that vehicle.

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