Porsche terminated diesel engines globally, focusing only on Petrol, Hybrid and EVs.

2015 Porsche Cayenne Facelift
Porsche has discontinued diesel engines globally

The German performance luxury car manufacturer, Porsche just terminated their diesel engines. Just last weekend Porsche announced that they will drop the diesel engines and the Cayenne diesel version will not launch in India.

Looking at the changing demand for the petrol and EVs worldwide, the company says they are discontinuing all the diesel engines globally. There is a growth in customer’s interest for petrol and hybrid models in India. Porsche will be launching two variants of the new Cayenne by October, which will be positioned below the Cayenne Turbo. Out of these two variants, one will be the base variant and the other will be E-hybrid.

This will affect the sales of their SUVs in India, especially the Cayenne which was the linchpin in the earlier generation. Also, the parent company Volkswagen cheated on emission norms is the reason behind Porsche discontinuing the diesel engine. Because of this dieselgate scandal, Porsche had to recall over 60,000 SUVs from Europe.

But this couldn’t stop Porsche, the company is coming with their first electric vehicle called Taycan in the international market by 2019. Porsche is also set to launch the third-gen Cayenne in India by October, including Cayenne E-hybrid.

Porsche Diesel Engines

– Porsche will now focus more on petrol and hybrid
– New Cayenne will be launch in two new variants – Base and E-hybrid
– Porsche is launching their first electric vehicle by 2019

porsche cayenne diesel engine
Porsche Cayenne diesel version will not be launched