As we gear up for the World Motorcycle day on 21st June, Bajaj Auto has launched professionally supervised riding communities for its Avenger and Pulsar brands, called Pulsar Maniacs and The Avenger Gods (TAGs).

TAGs 2016
The Avenger Gods will be open to the owners of the entire Avenger range

Bajaj Auto is trying to capitalise on World Motorcycle Day by launching a brand new campaign. Under this campaign, they will be launching two new official riding communities for their Avenger and Pulsar bikes. The communities will be called the Pulsar Maniacs and The Avenger Gods (TAGs). Both these communities will be supervised by professional riders and will act as riding groups for the owners of the respective motorcycles.

The Pulsar Maniacs will be exclusive for the owners of the Pulsar RS 200, while The Avenger Gods will be open to owners of the entire range of Bajaj Avengers. Both the communities will take part in activities such as group rides, with inclusion of professional supervision, emergency supplies, safety gear and other services. The communities will also host events which are in line with the persona of the respective brands.

Pulsar Maniacs will host long overnight rides for the young thrill seekers. The Pulsar brand already has successful events that are held under its name, like the Pulsar Mania: a high voltage stunt show, and the Pulsar festival of speed: India’s first speed biking festival. The Avenger Gods meanwhile, is a relatively new idea, and will see different kinds of events. Breakfast rides will be held on a weekly basis, and a new concept of FLG (Feel Like God) will be launched. It will be a long distance format which will offer an experience of riding to the most unusual of destinations.

The first FLG ride will flag off on the 23rd of June where a total of 15 Avenger riders will get an experience of riding from Chandigarh to Tirthan Valley and back, which is a total of 700 kms. The ride will take a total of 3 nights and 4 days and will include activities like Star gazing, Trout fishing, Forest trail, Bonfire and Barbeque with some local tribal music.

With the explosion in higher capacity and sports oriented motorcycles, long distance riding has seen an ungainly boom in the recent years. In such an environment, Bajaj sensed the lack of professional riding communities and launched the two biking groups. The communities will start at first in seven major metros, which will include Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata, and there will be no joining fee involved.

Pulsar Maniacs & The Avenger Gods

– Bajaj has launched two new biking groups to celebrate World Motorcycle Day
– The groups are called Pulsar Maniacs and The Avenger Gods (TAGs)
– The initiative will be launched in 7 metro cities at first, and will have no joining fee
– Its will include professionally supervised rides and other activities

Pulsar Maniacs 2016
The Pulsar Maniacs is exclusive only for the owners of the Pulsar RS 200