Royal Enfield has been one of the most consistently growing Indian two-wheeler makers and plans to be a global leader in the middle-weight segment.

Royal Enfield Continental GT UK
Royal Enfield aims to touch new record sales every year

A heritage brand for the masses, Royal Enfield has grown on to become one of the most successful Indian two-wheeler manufacturers in recent times. The company also benefitted greatly from the economic boom as the brand turned into one of the most sought after aspirational brands for motorcyclists. In the more recent years, the manufacturer not only retained its existing lineup with the Classic and Thunderbird series, but also brought back cafe racers with the Continental GT that has been a huge success as well.

Now taking a step further on the success ladder, Royal Enfield plans to become one of the most sought after brands in the middle-weight space. The company most recently also expanded its range in developed markets including Europe and the US and aims to grow its sales at a speed of over 70 percent in the current fiscal. While the company sold a meagre 50,000 units in 2010, it now expects to sell upwards of 3 lakh units a year. In addition, the brand also improved the less reliable iron-cast engines with the new UCE ones that made the bikes more dependable.

“I know Royal Enfield is expensive and may be higher on maintenance. But, it is a step-up,” Siddhartha Lal, MD & CEO, Royal Enfield, said.

Royal Enfield has been silently working on new engine options and aims to capture a 24 percent market share of the global middle-weight segment. The Eicher owned company acknowledges the fact the its products are expensive and may be higher on maintenance but also believes that their products cannot be sub-standard in any type. The manufacturer has been constantly improving on the overall quality and performance of its offerings with the new models expected to be increasingly efficient as well as less on maintenance.

2012 Royal Enfield Rann Of Kutch
The new offerings from Royal Enfield will be improve on quality and performance

Source – Economic Times