If you are a Royal Enfield fan you will surely remember a very special type of Royal Enfield which was showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo which was the Café Racer model. This particular model has swept all the RE fans by their feet and from 2010 everybody wanted to own this retro looking sporty Enfield. Back then RE said that it was a single model made for the Expo. Good news is that you can now buy the Café Racer model powered by the UCE500  in Royal Enfield showrooms itself but after an eager wait of one and a half years. By 2013 this dream bike of many will turn into a solid thumping reality. Café Racer will be made at the new production facility being built on 50 acres of land in Chennai.

If you think the wait is too much you can customize your RE to make it look like the Café Racer by buying special kits sold by Watsonian Squire of the UK and Classic Motorcycles of USA or spend huge amounts of money to make it look similar to Café Racer. We would rather suggest to wait for some more time and pick the original UCE500 powered Café Racer.