Headlight Restoration Foggy Lights

Your car’s headlights are made out of hard plastic that is specifically tempered for the job. In spite of being covered with a protective film, they are exposed to number of elements including the heat from the bulb, UV rays and harsh dust and grime that come from the road, which eventually fades the film. Over time your headlights get foggy that hampers the visibility for you. This process is called oxidation. Not only does the headlight look dull, the visibility also reduces especially at night which is a safety hazard. If you have an old car then this trick will surely come in handy and save your money as well.

Using just house hold products, get rid of the foggy headlights in 10 minutes and make them transparent again. Here is our step by step guide to polishing foggy headlights of your car.

Things you will need –

1. Paper towel
2. Toothpaste
3. Water
4. Cloth

Step 1 – Dampen The Headlight

Dampen the headlight with some water using a cloth. You just need to moist the headlight so that the toothpaste can spread evenly.

Step 2 – Apply Toothpaste

Apply the toothpaste on the headlight. Using a paper towel; start scrubbing the toothpaste all over the headlight. Keep scrubbing for 2 minutes and leave it on the headlight for some time. In the meantime, repeat the process on the second headlight as well. Avoid using toothpaste that have granules as it could scratch the headlight lens while scrubbing. Your best bet is the regular toothpaste for effective results.

Step 3 – Rinse The Headlight

After 10 minutes of applying the toothpaste, it’s time to rinse the headlight. Use a dampened cloth or a wet paper towel and remove the toothpaste from the headlight. You should see the haze disappear from the headlight. You should be able to see the bulb inside. If the haziness is still there, repeat the process till you achieve the desired result.

Step 4 – Apply Car Wax

To make sure the headlights stay clear for long, apply a quote of car wax on the car. The wax protects the headlights and will not allow the haze to develop soon. It will even keep the headlights from getting scratches. Even without the car wax, your headlights are good for at least six months.

Your headlights will look as good as new. It is a good trick to use, especially when you are selling your car to add some value on it. If there are too many scratches that cannot be corrected at home, it is better to take your car to a specialist for polishing or have the headlight replaced. You could also opt for a more thorough cleanup with a headlight restoration kit that should take care of the lights for another couple of years. Try this method on your old car and without having to spend time or money. Do let us know the results you received for your car’s headlights.