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The high speed stability of the Tigor is quite impressive

Driving Dynamics – The ride and handling balance of the Tiago was well calibrated and same is the case for the Tigor. It absorbs sharp bumps and potholes quite well and doesn’t unsettle the passengers. Even the high speed stability is impressive. Handling is predictable too with minimal body roll if you would like to push it around the curves. The steering feels light and nimble in city driving conditions and while gaining speed, it weighs up accurately for confidence inspiring driving. The brakes are quite effective offering strong stopping power with positive pedal feedback.

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The Tigor is expected to be another hit if priced well

Safety and After Sales Service – Tata Motors is offering the new Tigor with dual front airbags, ABS, EBD with cornering stability control. The Tigor hasn’t been crash tested yet but the body panels and the sheet metal feels quite solid and well built, specially when you open/close the doors. Tata has a wide network across the country and with the success of the Tiago, their after sales have become much better. The Tigor is expected to offer low maintenance with reasonably priced servicing and spare parts.