Thane Police has joined hands with Thank You India to send thank you cards to those who obey rules.

Thane Motorists Get Thank You
Motorists found obeying traffic rules have been getting such cards

Thane Police has started giving out Thank You cards to motorists who are found obeying all rules. There are almost 70 representatives of Thank You India who are helping the Thane Police in making this happen. Secretly, they have also assigned 2 photographers to click photos of motorists who where obeying the signals, wearing seatbelts or wearing helmets.

With the help of Thane Police, the NGO then sends Thank You cards to their addresses. This makes the motorists to obey traffic rules even more and also motivates others to do so. There have been some instances where the cops have stopped some people to check for their documents, at that given instance it suddenly scares the motorist but when they have all the documents in place the cops give them a Thank You postcard which feels good.

They have also started encouraging the police force by bringing in celebrity marathoner Milind Soman to give them a motivational speech. This will help the police force work even harder in achieving their goals. Thane Police are on the right track as for many people these small things can bring in a lot of happiness to them and also the people around them.

The Thank You postcard will be continued to be given out over a long period of time. Thane Police has also started installing CCTV cameras at many signals so that they can come to know about people who do not obey traffic rules and take the necessary action that is required at that point of time. This will not only bring about discipline in the mind of motorists but will also help the cops control the traffic situation better.

Thank You Cards From Cops

– The Thane Police show that they are on the right path for making our daily life safe and hassle free
– CCTV cameras are being installed at the traffic signals
– The police is taking initiatives in order to make people obey traffic rules

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