The InCar Plus project promises to have developed 40 new components that offer weight savings, efficiency, electromobility and can be used on the engine, chassis or body of the vehicle.

ThyssenKrupp InCar Plus Project
The multi-part rotor shaft is one of the 40 components developed under the InCar Plus project

Germany based component manufacturer ThyssenKrupp AG has showcased the results of its new research project called ‘InCar Plus’ that with engineers having developed 40 new components and solutions for the auto industry. The Essen based company states that the InCar Plus project helps deliver component weight savings of up to 50 percent and cost reductions of up to 20 percent and also makes a significant contribution towards climate protection with savings of up to 8 grams of CO2/km and if you consider the lifecycle of the car, including production and recyling, the project allows for CO2 savings of up to 1.6 tons per vehicle.

The InCar Plus project’s focus has been on providing green solutions for energy efficiency, electro-mobility and weight reduction. The company states that the innovations that have been achieved from the project can be used in the body, chassis, steering and powertrain. The innovations developed under the InCar Plus project is said to be superior over the current best-in-class components that are available. Bringing its synergies together, a total of 100 engineers from 8 companies at 15 locations worked on the InCar Plus project in Steel Europe with other auto part manufacturers’ Components Technology and Industrial Solutions.

ThyssenKrupp AG further states that the components have been analysed providing benefits that go far and wide in terms of sustainability. In the Indian context, the company says that its products hold a lot of potential for emerging markets like ours, especially with high efficiency being the norm. ThyssenKrupp will soon present its new set of components from the InCar Plus project to auto manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and the company has already received its first production order for the innovation.

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ThyssenKrupp InCar Plus Project Components
The new components developed can be used in the body, chassis, steering & powertrain