If UM Motorcycles launches cruiser bikes in India, it would seriously threaten the Bajaj Avenger, Hyosung Aquila 250 and possibly the Harley-Davidson Street 500. The cruisers segment from United Motors would fulfil millions of dreams in the sub-continent. We are not joking and you will understand this once you see the pictures and specifications. The company had showcased its cruisers at the 2014 Auto Expo.

Renegade Limited – The Renegade Limited is available in two engines capacities of 175cc and 200cc. The vehicle carries a perfect cruiser look coupled with a vintage charm. The chrome finish gives the vehicle an urban finish and yes this one is definitely going to grab attention. The spokes and the signal indicator lamps are pretty attractive. The seats are buttoned with steel ones and the one-into-two exhaust pipes make the vehicle irresistible. The front brake is disc while the rear is drum. We expect the vehicle to be launched with the 200cc engine only as it would right away snatch the market from Bajaj and Hyosung.

UM 2014 Renegade Limited Front

UM 2014 Renegade Limited Side

UM 2014 Renegade Limited Rear

Renegade Commando – The Commando version looks more or less like the Renegade Limited but it has got its own magic. The vehicle is available in three colours and the black one is certainly the showstopper. The black one certainly looks like the younger sibling of the Harley Iron 883. I know that hard-core Harley fans won’t agree but that’s the truth. From a distance you certainly would be confused between these two. The bottle green colour should snatch away some Royal Enfield customers. The Renegade Commando is powered by a 225cc engine (18 HP, 15.5 Nm) which puts it in the perfect spot to steal away Harley customers. Because of the smaller capacity engine the vehicle would be economical to run; this is where it threatens to snatch away the mass market which the Harley Street 500 aims for.

UM 2014 Renegade Commando Front

UM 2014 Renegade Commando Side

UM 2014 Renegade Commando Headlight

UM 2014 Renegade Commando Taillight

UM 2014 Renegade Commando Rear

Renegade Sport – The Renegade Sport is another product the Indian enthusiasts would be looking for. The Sport is ‘Open Road’ oriented and is available with three engine options which include 135cc (10.97 HP, 10.53 Nm), 180cc (16.7 HP, 13.68 Nm) and a 200cc (15.22 HP, 14.67 Nm). Undoubtedly the 135cc won’t make it to the Indian market leaving the rest of two in contention. The bike is exactly not a cruiser but has got striking looks. The Renegade Sport is not curvy but is a mixture of semi-sharp design and curves. It has a disc-drum brake combination just like the other bikes. The LEDs embedded on the front forks allow better visibility at night. The alloys are well designed and we would say that it is a perfect bike for show-off.

UM 2014 Renegade Sport Front

UM 2014 Renegade Sport Wallpaper

UM 2014 Renegade Sport Side

UM 2014 Renegade Sport Rear

UM 2014 Renegade Sport Headlight

Renegade Duty – The Renegade Duty looks like the Renegade Sport in some perspectives; but unlike the Sport the Renegade Duty is designed for commuting within the cities. The rear seat and the back-rest ensure that the Duty serves the daily purpose. This vehicle is available in 125cc (11.85 HP, 9.81 Nm) and 150cc (12.92 HP, 11.32 Nm) engines. The Renegade Duty seats are equipped with special gel material which enhances riding comfort. A bike for happy city riding would point out to this one.

UM 2014 Renegade Duty Wallpaper

UM 2014 Renegade Duty Side

UM 2014 Renegade Duty Rear

UM 2014 Renegade Duty Crash Bar