2012 Volkswagen Golf wheelbase

The German auto giant, Volkswagen had earlier claimed that it will become the largest car maker by the year 2018, a claim which seems to be on shaky grounds now with the company not performing as expected. On the positive side, there have been rumours that the company is not targeting 2018 but 2016 to achieve the Number 1 spot! It may seem a bit farfetched but nonetheless, Volkswagen has the potential within it to achieve such heights.

One of the key strategies unlike its competitors the company is employing is focus on emotional values like driving pleasure, strong perceived quality, exciting design, and engineering excellence to win the customers. Looking ahead, all Volkswagen models will be based on one of the 3 modular structures; the MQB, MSB and the MLB. The MQB structure is basically Volkswagen’s front wheel drive/all wheel drive architecture with transverse engine layout.

The MQB would be the “bread and butter” architecture for the company with models like MKVII Volkswagen Golf, 2nd generation Tiguan, the Jetta, Scirocco coupe, the 2014 Passat, next generation Polo Subcompact, Audi A3 and the third generation Audi TT being based on this platform. The MLB, which is almost the same but with longitudinal engine layout will be the support for models like 2014 Audi A4, Audi’s A6, the A8, the Q5, the Q7, the Q2 (due in 2013), the Volkswagen Phaeton and the 3rd gen Touareg. The MSB platform with its RWD /AWD, front-, mid-, or rear-engine architecture will be the underpinning for all Porsche models primarily.

2013 Porsche 911 Carrera

Source – Automobile Mag