After more than 4 years of holding the crown, Toyota loses its position to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Jetta NH8
Volkswagen sold 10.31 million units worldwide in 2016

Toyota has revealed its sales figures for the year 2016 and it was 10.175 million vehicles sold worldwide which turned out to be ultimately lesser than the 10.31 million vehicles sold by Volkswagen. General Motors has still not revealed its numbers for 2016 and if GM falls short of the 10.31 million mark set by Volkswagen, this will be the first time that a German automaker has been at the top.

It will be a great achievement given the position Volkswagen have been in 2016, their emission scandal leading to lot of trouble and they parting ways with their former CEO Martin Winterkorn. Volkswagen has gained 3.8% sales over 2015 even after them facing all these issues. Their sister companies Audi, Porsche and Skoda have also helped them boost their sales.

Before Toyota took over the crown of being the most sold cars worldwide, it was General Motors who were at the top for more than 70 years. General Motors have the Cadillac and Opel companies under their belt along with other brands.

When asked about Toyota’s loss to Volkswagen, the company said that they were focused on making better cars for their customers and selling cars for volume was not their priority. They wanted to be No.1 by producing even better cars for their customers.

Volkswagen Overtakes Toyota

– Volkswagen dethrones Toyota by achieving better sales in 2016
– Toyota sold 10.175 million units in 2016 whereas Volkswagen sold 10.31 million
– Volkswagen gained 3.8% over previous year

Toyota Fortuner
Toyota has been doing good in India but ultimately lost out to Volkswagen in the international market