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Interiors – The interiors of the Volkswagen Vento are typical German. Simple yet elegant with excellent quality to boot. The dual tone treatment give the Vento’s interior an airy feeling. The silver surrounds on the AC vents and steering wheel are a nice touch. The Ford Fiesta‘s interiors on the other hand are finished in black colour only with heavy use of silver to break the monotony. The center console houses a plethora of buttons Both cars feature a 3-spoke steering wheel and a well equipped audio system. If one has to chose between the interiors, the Fiesta’s seem more exciting but the Vento offers better plastics and quality.

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The legroom in the Fiesta is nothing to talk about. Space at the rear is just about adequate. The Vento on the other hand offers good leg room for rear passengers. Head room is good too and so is the back support. Clearly the Vento outshines the Fiesta in the interiors department. It has more space at the rear along with better quality all around. The instrument cluster of both cars are attractive and easy to read and both feature a similar knob to turn on the headlights and fog lights. The Volkswagen Vento offers a full 50-litres more boot space than the Ford Fiesta (430-litres).

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