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Ride, Handling and Braking – This is the most important part of this review because those who buy these cars would certainly love driving. The Vento’s ride quality is slightly on the stiffer side but it absorbs most of the bumps. However drive fast over bad roads the stiff suspension can unsettle the occupants. The Fiesta’s ride quality is excellent and typical of Ford cars. The Fiesta absorbs almost every pothole on the road with a big smile and rarely transmits anything to the passengers. Both the cars have good high speed stability and remain planted to the road at triple digit speeds on the expressway.

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Both cars are extremely sharp in the handling department, but the Fiesta maintains the edge here with a more responsive steering wheel. The Vento’s steering lacks feel at high speeds while the Fiesta gives excellent feedback to the driver. The Fiesta also has 10mm wider rubber which results in the tyres not giving up so easily. Push the Vento hard and the tyres do tend to lose grip, restricting the handling prowess of the VW to a certain extent. Brakes of both the cars are very good but the Fiesta’s pedal has slightly more play, which takes time getting used to.

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We have driven the Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic on the Buddh International Circuit and were extremely pleased with its driving dynamics. The Fiesta has a very good balance of ride and handling and carries the Ford DNA. The Fiesta also boasts of Pull Drift Compensation feature which gives the steering better feedback at high speeds. The Vento is not bad at all but pales in comparison to the superior dynamics of the Fiesta.

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