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Fuel Efficiency and Pricing – The petrol Vento (manual) delivers 15.8 km/l, petrol Vento (automatic) delivers 14.4 km/l, while the diesel Vento stretches that to 20.5 km/l. The petrol Fiesta (manual and automatic) return 17 km/l, while the diesel returns a class leading 23.5 km/l (all figures are as per ARAI, real world mileage may differ). Clearly the Fiesta is the more frugal of the two, offering atleast 10% more mileage.

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While the Vento range starts at Rs. 8.43 lakhs, the Fiesta range starts at Rs. 8.74 lakhs (for the base petrol variants). The difference widens further with the petrol Vento Highline costing a full Rs. 92,000/- less than the petrol Fiesta Titanium+ variant. The situation is quite similar with the automatic variants as well. However the higher price of the Fiesta can be attributed to the more features offered by Ford. The Fiesta offers ABS, airbags, cruise control, ESP, voice controls, climate control, parking sensors, engine immobilizer, leather seats, etc. Some of the features are standard across the range, with all variants getting ABS and airbags. The Vento lacks many features in comparison.

The Vento highline diesel and Fiesta Titanium+ diesel are priced at Rs. 12.24 lakhs and 12.40 lakhs respectively. With just Rs. 16,000/- separating the two, the diesel Fiesta looks like a bargain, owing to the additional equipment being offered by Ford.

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Conclusion – After driving both these cars back to back across city and highway conditions, it was relatively easy to choose one amongst them. If you are an enthusiast who puts performance overall everything else, you should close your eyes and get the Fiesta PowerShift automatic. Not only does it offer excellent performance but Ford has also offered features like Hild Hold Assist, Hill Launch Assist and ESP. Besides, the Fiesta PowerShift is also India’s most fuel efficient petrol automatic sedan and comes with a 10-year or 2.4 lakh kms transmission warranty.

If you are the practical kind who puts fuel efficiency and drive-ability over other factors, the Fiesta diesel is the one for you. Not only does it come feature laden, the Fiesta diesel is light on the pocket and has excellent dynamics, which very few cars can match. The Vento is an excellent car but has its shortcomings. At the price Volkswagen sells the Vento, we expect more features, the lack of which has made the Fiesta triumphant in this shootout.