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An Audi customer has stated that he has been duped of his hard-earned cash

The VW dieselgate scandal has not vanished yet despite years rolling by and the carmaker doing everything to wipe the plates clean.

An FIR has been filed against Audi, VW in India for installing emission cheat device in their cars after a customer took this issue up.

This time it is not the National Green Tribunal (NGT) that has pulled up the automakers, but a Noida resident named Aniljit Singh who says he has been duped of his hard-earned money.

In 2018 Aniljit had purchased seven Audi cars worth crores of rupees and at the time of delivery, he had enquired if any cheat devices had been installed in cars sold in India. He was told that they were not.

It was the discovery of the devices that brought the whole VW dieselgate scandal out on a global scale.

Then, in March 2019, authorities observed that Audis sold here emitted 5-8 times more nitrogen oxide than permitted, thus came the VW dieselgate scandal to India.

Subsequently, the NGT fined Volkswagen Rs. 500 crores in March last year and this was when the Noida resident realised that he had been duped of his cash.

He lodged a complaint against top officials of Volkswagen and Audi in India and Germany. An FIR was filed citing forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy under various sections of the IPC.

The complainant has alleged that the officials had misrepresented him by forging documents, devices and caused wrongful gains to themselves and wrongful losses to him.

He also stated that they had made wrong records to capture the market, with a mala fide intent and under a pre-planned conspiracy had induced and defrauded him. The man has also went on to state that his allegations may be thoroughly investigated by a senior official.

The automakers have not issued a statement on the matter at the time this article was published and we will update the same when a development arrived.

VW Dieselgate Scandal India

  • FIR filed against Audi, VW top officials in India and Germany
  • Complainant is a Noida resident who had purchased seven Audis in 2018
  • Automakers pulled up once again over the dieselgate scandal
VW Dieselgate Scandal India
Top officials of Audi and VW from India and Germany have been pulled up

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