Yamaha FZ25 Long Term Review Report
The Yamaha FZ25 is a very practical motorcycle while also being super fun to ride

Yamaha FZ25 Long Term Review

Long Term Test No. 146

The Yamaha FZ25 is very torque friendly, a worthy quarter-litre motorcycle for India

If you follow me on social media, I recently bought a Honda CBR250R as I needed a motorcycle with decent power and good touring capabilities. A 250, in my opinion, feels just right and so does the Yamaha FZ25. We had the first ride last year in Goa and then we got the new Yamaha Fazer 25 for road test in Mumbai. I was pretty impressed with Yamaha’s 250cc engine. A few months back, we got the FZ25 for a long term review and I was very eager to ride it and understand its capabilities even more.

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The Yamaha FZ25 is frugal and a good tank range means you can go places

As I went to pick up the motorcycle, it was not in its best condition as it desperately needed a service. Rode it back home in the same condition and I immediately got in sync with the performance of the engine. Although the bike was running a little rough, it was still performing decently well. I rode it to quite a few places before getting the service done and noticed that the brakes were completely worn out and seemed like the FI or the air filter had a few issues. I highlighted these issues to the Yamaha team and got its service done within the next week. This Yamaha was now ready to roll.

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The 250cc mill has abundant torque for every situation

Riding in higher gears with lower RPMs and the engine doesn’t even knock, the Yamaha FZ25 is tuned really well

New brakes, new air filter and a serviced FZ25! What more do I need? A weekend to ride this one for a long distance. But as it was Monday and a whole week ahead of me, I got myself ready to assess this one on my daily commute. One more week went by and Mumbai welcomed its first rains. I could see this Yamaha has been one of the most traffic-friendly motorcycles. Manoeuvring through traffic and avoiding potholes have been a piece of cake for this Yamaha.

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Cruising a little below the ton is a happy place for the Yamaha FZ25

Highway riding and long distance touring have been a breeze as well. As the weekend arrived, I took the FZ25 for over a 400 km ride and to my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The best part was that I came back home with fuel left in the tank. Whilst I got a mileage close to 35 km/l, I was riding most of the stretches at 80 km/hr or slightly above. Windblast was a little troublesome but the riding posture was very comfortable and yet engaging. My legs felt a little cramped by the end but it was fine.