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Perfect size handlebar and a muscular tank, a rider POV of the FZ25

The suspension setup is also compliant for Indian roads and yes, it’s very well tuned for handling bumps and irregular surfaces. But in the first month itself, I felt that the suspension is more suited only for a single rider. With a pillion, it gets a little too soft and bouncy when it comes to riding over rumblers or multiple speed-breakers. In regular intervals, I have got myself a pillion on the FZ25. Someone either from my family or from the MotorBeam team and they have never complained about comfort, ever!

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Rear suspension is very well suited for solo riding

It’s been just four months and there are a few issues that the FZ25 has like the LED headlight is not strong enough and the brakes and tyres need better options. But it has its own set of perks, like the seating comfort and ergonomics are spot on. Engine performance is adequate enough for a 250cc motorcycle and the mileage is surprisingly good with a decent tank range too. This Yamaha is a durable and dependable motorcycle to ride.

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Tyre hugger is right there but the tyre splashes all over your back

What’s Cool

* The 250cc engine – fun, frugal and fantastic
* Ergonomics are spot on, pillion stays comfortable too
* Manoeuvring through traffic is a breeze, handlebar feels really light
* The FZ25 gets a decent tank range which is capable for mile-munching

What’s Not So Cool

* Stock tyres don’t do justice to the motorcycle
* LED headlight doesn’t illuminate just as good
* Switchgear quality isn’t the best, becomes unresponsive during heavy rains
* Brakes are decent but ABS is lacking and thoroughly missed in rainy conditions

Testers’ Note:

“The Yamaha FZ25 feels easy to ride and is more of a fast commuter than a sports bike. It doesn’t stand out in terms of design, specs or even performance but it’s fast and frugal. A motorcycle which is the practical choice in front of the similarly priced R15, the FZ25’s appeal lies in its simplicity.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.

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