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The seat is very comfortable, for the pillion as well

The exhaust note is quite bassy and it gets loud and engaging as you rev hard

Riding it regularly for a whole month, the Yamaha FZ25 definitely has a few browny points but has it has a fair share of not-so-appealing things too. Like the brakes perform decently well but they end up locking the tyres under hard braking. It is not much of a trouble but the fact that the FZ25 needs ABS is pretty obvious. However, on daily riding conditions, the braking feedback is just about adequate. Sane riding and you might not complain about the need for ABS but it’s a necessity in our Indian riding conditions, especially in the rains.

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Better tyre options would be even more confidence inspiring

The tyres on the other hand act in a distinctive manner. They grip really well in the dry and go berserk in the wet or even with a little muck or gravel. The 100 section front is pretty good considering it handles all the braking, the rear, however, is a slide ready tyre as soon as you hit the dirt. Although the tyres have been fairly supportive, having stickier rubber is always a better option. The life of these tyres has been commendable, the tread wear hasn’t been drastic which is really good.

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LED lights look good but don’t lit the road as much

Yamaha FZ25 Service Details

1. Free Service Schedule – (whichever is earlier)

* 1st Free Service – 1000 kms/60 days
* 2nd Free Service – 5000 kms/180 days
* 3rd Free Service – 10000 kms/360 days

2. Paid Service Schedule – 5000 kms/180 days (whichever is earlier)

* Yamaha offers bonus service after every paid service for regular checkups.

3. Cost of Spares –

* Engine Oil Per Service – Rs. 440/- (1.3-litres)
* Air Filter – Rs. 411/-
* Oil Filter – Rs. 159/-
* Brake Pads (Front) – Rs. 803/-
* Brake Pads (Rear) – Rs. 1301/-
* Chain Lube – Rs. 200/-
* Consumables – Rs. 50/-

(all costs above are inclusive of taxes)