2017 Tata T1 Prima Technicians
Technicians working super efficiently to rectify issues on the trucks

The racing slicks are supplied by JK Tyre. Each truck gets an 80-litre fuel tank and a full tank lasts for an average of 12 laps during a race is what we were told. Tata technicians were working on the trucks before the race and making sure everything was going well. Even in-between races, whatever damages or issues cropped up in trucks were immediately worked upon by the technicians and it was amazing to see the speed and enthusiasm with which all of them were working.

2017 Tata T1 Prima Race Weekend
JK Tyre, Castrol, Wabco and Cummins are the partners of Tata Motors for T1

It is really good on Tata Motors’ part that they’ve been working on making trucking an aspirational profession in India so that drivers get a better social status too. The company also organised a racer training program at the MMRT earlier this year where the Indian drivers went through a gruelling training session which Vicky Chandok said is the most comprehensive driver training program anywhere in the world. The Indian drivers are regular truckers and the selected ones were shortlisted from a huge list of applicants and then given all the training.

2017 Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing
For the Pro Class, there were 6 teams with 2 trucks each

The automaker has a lot of future plans for truck racing and wants to make it big. The company has been getting good backing from partners like Castrol, Wabco, JK Tyre and Tata Motors is looking to do all it can to make Junoon-e-Trucking as big as possible. The fastest lap time clocked in 400 bhp race truck in season 4 was 1:47.204 set by David Vrsecky.

2017 Tata T1 Prima

– Champion Class Winners

1) Nagarjuna
2) Malkeet Singh
3) Bhag Chand

– Super Class Winners

1) Pitambar
2) Shivnihal Singh
3) Gurujant Singh

– Pro Class Winners

1) David Vrsecky – Team Dealer Daredevils
2) Norbert Kiss – Team Tata Technologies
3) Gerhard Korber – Team Dealer Warriors

2017 Tata T1 Prima Racers
The international racers discussing their moments from the race