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New driving licences will be advanced smart cards

The Delhi driving licence will also have Near Field Communication (NFC) feature

The Delhi Transport Department has decided to start issuing driving licence and registration certificates in the form of smart cards with QR codes, soon.

A statement issued by the government of Delhi claims the new driving licence will have an advanced microchip, a Quick Response (QR) code and Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

On the other hand, the smart registration certificate will have the owner’s name at the front and at the rear, a microchip and a Quick Response (QR) code.

Although smart cards have had chips embedded in them, there have been issues reading information coded into the chip, the Delhi government said.

The issue was partly the unavailability of chip reader machines in required quantity and partly due to the fact that the chips were designed and implemented by the States concerned.

Delhi Driving Licence
This move might be reciprocated by governments of all the States in India

This, the Delhi government states, “resulted in difficulties in reading the chip and retrieving information, especially in case of defaulters.”

Having explained the need for the upgrade, the statement also said the addition of a QR code on driving licence and registration certificate will make it easy to access the information present on Sarathi and Vahan databases.

Further, according to the govt, the new QR-based driving licences will help it maintain records of differently-abled drivers, emission standards, modifications made to vehicles and the person’s declaration to donate organs.

Moreover, the Delhi Transport Department also claimed it will be able to retain records and penalties of the holder of driving licence for up to 10 years on the Vahan database as soon as a person’s smart card is confiscated.