Ducati SuperSport S Review
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Ducati SuperSport S Review

Bike Tested: Ducati SuperSport S; Road Test No. 911; Test Location: Pune, Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 16,89,910/-

The SuperSport S is an easy-going and fun to ride sports-tourer with a sporty package

Life is always full of choices. You could take time off work and go places or you could travel while you’re working. You could eat cereal for breakfast or have that complete European style meal to begin your day. You could go to that one bar and get sloshed with all that the place has to offer or hop clubs and mingle. You could commute everyday in a cage or just fly to work on your motorcycle. You take your motorcycle to the track or just rip it out in the twisties. But what if money could buy you something that you won’t have to compromise with? What if you could literally enjoy the best of both worlds? It’s simple, you go get yourself a Ducati SuperSport.

Motor Quest: The Ducati SuperSport was launched in India in September 2017 while it was actually unveiled at EICMA 2017. The SuperSport S in India comes equipped with better suspension from Öhlins, Ducati Quick Shift and some carbon fiber components. It is Rs. 1.6 lakhs more expensive than the regular SuperSport.

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The DRLs are very bright and are eye-catching

Styling – To begin with, the bright red colour of the SuperSport S is enough to create that strong first impression. The front fairing design kind of reminds you of the new Ducati V4, but then that’s how they’re styling all their bikes. The twin 55W headlamps get eyebrow style DRLs on the top, while the RVMs sport the turn indicators. The fairing looks very well assembled in its design and somewhat covers only the front part of the machine. The partly exposed Trellis frame and the engine gives a nice touch to this Ducati.

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The SuperSport S is surpirsingly sleek for a liter-class bike

The SuperSport S is subtly styled and carries all the essential Ducati DNA

The Ducati SuperSport S comes with a removable cowl over the pillion seat which takes only about a minute to get it off. The seat resembles a split seat but in reality is a single piece and a good looking one nevertheless. The tail section is also familiar to Ducati’s modern styling and is kept short with a rather long holder for the license plate. The twin exhausts are not the best looking but stay within the subtle overall looks of the motorcycle.