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The unorganised toll booths delayed us further

But it hadn’t because there was a complete jam on the E-way for obvious reasons – too many trucks and they were driving in all lanes which meant cars couldn’t overtake. After a frustrating stop-go and crawl drive of almost an hour, we cleared the Lonavala exit and finally started to gain speed. Clearly, we were delayed by an hour already but further delays started to happen at toll booths as the line was just too long and no one really would stay put, they would try to dive in from every possible side to get in. We made a stop at McDonald’s on the Pune-Satara road, thinking of having a quick breakfast, much to the disappointment that the staff hadn’t come, it was just 6:30 AM but we made the most of the stop by going for a bio break.

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The Endeavour cruised at triple digit speeds effortlessly

The Red Bull had started to kick in my veins, it was time to take to the wheel. The Ford Endeavour looks intimidating, it looks heavy because it is heavy but you don’t feel the weight at all as the steering is light at low speeds and weighs up beautifully as you hit triple-digit speeds. The engine likes to rev a tad bit more than I would like though and that can be heard inside although the active noise cancellation feature does a great job of keeping the cabin quite.

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The Endeavour’s massive boot swallowed all our luggage

The road was good in the sense there were no potholes or broken parts but the traffic was more or less crazy as trucks always drive on the right, no matter what. So much for cars advised to always overtake from the right, that’s impossible because trucks would dive to the right lane as soon as they got a chance. Motorcyclists would ride anywhere while some of them who wanted to take a U-turn, would pick their bike over the divider and get to the other side. With a 3-lane road, it didn’t seem as easy to make overtakes because when a truck tried to overtake another truck, it would take a real long time. But as we progressed closer to Kolhapur, the road narrowed to two lanes which made it even more difficult to overtake due to the aforementioned reasons.