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Thanks to the additional power on the 3.2, overtaking was a breeze

It was at this time I realised why the additional money spent on the Endeavour 3.2 over the Endeavour 2.2 is well worth it. Get heavy on the throttle and you could make quick overtakes in small gaps too, there was just so much punch on offer, all the time. The 6-speed gearbox might not be the fastest shifting around but with 200 horses and 470 Nm, the 5-cylinders always had the oomph to dispatch slow moving vehicles with a blink of an eyelid. Performance was really the highlight of this SUV on the highways because it would pull so smoothly and swiftly to high speeds, enough to munch on the miles with little effort.

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The Endeavour was returning us a mileage of around 7.9 km/l

Despite leaving at 4 AM, we encountered an hour of congested traffic on the e-way

Finally we reached McDonald’s Kolhapur and it was 12 PM already, we were running 3 hours late, thanks to the traffic and crazy delays at the toll booth (they really need to get rid of the tolls and charge us the fees in fuel because we waste more fuel waiting in line than the toll amount itself). Once back on the road, we were looking for a fuel pump as the way ahead through the ghats would mean no fuel station and we were on half tank already, the Endeavour returning around 7.9 km/l of fuel economy. We entered Karnataka as Google suggested this to be the shortest route, stopping at Belgaum for fuel.

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The Endeavour’s fantastic off-roading capabilities ensured that we were comfortable on the worst of roads

The journey ahead took longer than expected, again because of traffic in the Chorla ghats while reminding us once again why the 3.2 is better over the 2.2, the added punch from the bigger motor did help a lot to make quick overtakes through the narrow valley roads. Some broken roads were encountered too where the good ride of the Endeavour didn’t let us feel anything. A couple of emergency braking stops just reassured us about the Endeavour’s fantastic brakes. A couple of times, we had to take some off-road detours and the large ground clearance came in handy. However, to be honest, we never shifted the Terrain Response mode from the standard road, we never needed to.