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After a quick break at McDonald’s, we resumed our journey

I managed to reach Kolhapur McDonald’s at 11:24 AM which was pretty fast considering the traffic at the ghats, checking at the Goa border and the stop by a cop to check the trade certificate of the unregistered Ford. A quick bio break and Chicken Nuggets later, I was back on the road, staring down an almost empty highway which had traffic accumulate around cities and villages (that’s what delays you significantly, after the tolls of course). I wanted to fuel up at McDonald’s itself but the pump there wasn’t functioning. Google Maps read 350 kms, the DTE read 270 kms, I had to stop any which ways.

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The smooth roads allowed me to maintain a high average speed

The punchy performance of the 3.2-litre over the 2.2-litre unit could be felt throughout the journey

The road was devoid of any potholes, was smooth throughout and other than the hiccups at the toll booth, this muscular beast was moving at a good pace. In fact, so good was the pace that I had reached the Mumbai-Pune expressway before 3 PM itself. Now a big credit does go to the car but also to me for not stopping and going continuously, lifting and coasting to increase the fuel economy which now read 6.8 km/l. Sadly though, the DTE showed the fuel was short by 20 kms to reach the destination, I had to fuel and I did a quick splash and dash for a 3 minute stop on the fuel pump on the expressway. I managed to reach with a driving time of 8 hours 14 minutes, an average speed of 71 km/hr.

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The Endeavour made the 1350 kms journey painless and memorable

This road trip of around 1350 kms with the Ford Endeavour has just rekindled my love for this full-size SUV. Throughout the journey, I felt comfortable and in spite of the long hours of driving, I didn’t get tired. The Endeavour is comfortable, loaded with features, drives really well and has a great tuning of the 3.2 mill for both city and highway driving. At its price, there is nothing that comes close to offering the level of SUV that the Ford does with the Endeavour.

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Powerful lights helped at night as Goa has no street lights on most roads, headlight washers missed though!

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