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Spacious & airy interiors of the Endeavour were appreciated by everyone

We entered Goa and encountered some really funny bridges, which were so narrow that only one vehicle could pass at a time and oncoming traffic had to reverse. It took us a total of 12.5 hours (including 4 stops) to reach our hotel in South Goa, with a total distance of 600 kms and a fuel economy of 7.5 km/l. We weren’t tired at all due to the comfort offered by the Endeavour, the boot was full of luggage too and in this blazing heat, the good AC meant we didn’t sweat one bit although I would have appreciated ventilated seats. Rear seat occupants were happy too with the comfortable seats, good space, pliant ride and big windows for an airy feel.

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The next few days were spent relaxing

The next 3 days in Goa were spent just chilling around, eating at different restaurants and just soaking in the sun. We drove less than 200 kms in the 3 days as the distances locally weren’t much but the ease of driving and parking (auto park does work quite well) meant the Endeavour actually didn’t feel its size.

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Goa has a lot of good food options, it’s a culinary delight

In fact, being in the Goa mode, I didn’t even get shoes, I drove all along in chappals and shorts (now I am sitting in the same attire as I pen this piece). Javeid left back by flight and I had to drive back solo. So I planned to leave early by 7 AM, post a quick breakfast. Got up at 5 AM, loaded all the luggage (it helps that the Endeavour’s boot opens automatically when you kick below the bumper), had a quick bite at 6:30 AM and started to drive on the long 600 kms journey at 7:15 AM.

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Punching the accelerator on the return journey dropped the fuel economy to 6 km/l

Google estimated a travel time of 10.5 hours from the hotel to home. I had fuelled up the previous night itself to save time (pumps aren’t easy to find near the resorts which are close to the beach). The idea was to take minimum stops and reach Kolhapur for brunch. The Chorla ghat was full of traffic but the Endeavour performed flawlessly with power available on tap whenever I needed it. In fact, I was so heavy with my right foot that the display read 6 km/l. At times when I really needed more oomph, I would pull the gear lever towards me to put the car in Sports mode, it was rarely needed though. A couple of times when I needed a lower gear, I realised paddle shifters would be a nice addition to the Endeavour.