KTM India has put out a message for its fans stating that it has taken strict action against the people who are responsible for the video.

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KTM India has put out swift justice against the people responsible for abusing KTM showroom bikes

As all of our beloved readers know, recently a video emerged on social media showing a handful of young KTM service boys paying tribute to our tailed ancestors by revving a couple of brand new KTM bikes to the redline and dancing while shouting as if India has lifted the cricket world cup. Fans of the brand and automotive enthusiasts in general were rightly enraged upon seeing the torture being performed on the poor bikes, but frankly what lowered our collective spirits was the fact that some readers on different platforms vented out many unthinkable profanities describing some un-godly procedure to punish these young punks. Yes these guys have done wrong and yes they deserve to be taught a lesson – but not in the ways described in the comments section of those videos. We are an evolved species, right?

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed at the higher-ups in the KTM India headquarters and they have decided to take strict but humane action against the said individuals. KTM India has put out a public letter for its fans, in which it has stated that the company has acknowledged the unprofessional behaviour of its showroom staff and it condemns the abuse of brand new bikes being done by the dealer personnel. The company also confirms that the people seen in the video are part of an outlet in Nedumangad in Kerala.

KTM India has outlined in the post that they don’t take these actions lightly and have rightfully dismissed five people involved in the act from service. It has also clarified that the motorcycles were not and will be not eligible for sale to customers. It has also thanked its fans for bringing the incident to its notice through various forums and assured that it is just a one-off event and does not reflect the culture of other KTM outlets. We duly appreciate the sincerity and promptness with which KTM has handled this small yet brand-injuring incident.

KTM India Fires 5 Employees

– KTM India has put out a public reply for its fans acknowledging the video
– KTM has said that it has dismissed the 5 showroom personnel responsible for the video
– It has thanked its fans and assured that this is just a one-off incident

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KTM India has assured that the damaged bikes will not be given to any customer