Mahindra 2-wheelers will launch an all new motorcycles in the 150cc segment by 2015. Mahindra recently launched two new bikes, the Pantero and Centuro which are 110cc bikes, aimed at the commuter segment. These bikes have many innovative features that are segment firsts. The said bikes have not yet set the sales charts on fire and are having a tough time to come on top of its competition, but Mahindra is hopeful and has plans to expand its motorcycle lineup.

There is not much information available about the 150cc bike yet, but we can expect it to be a value for money performance oriented commuter bike which will slot above the present offerings. Mahindra may also launch its 300cc performance bike, the Mojo, in the near future which was caught testing in Pune recently. Mahindra has invested Rs. 100 crores in its bike operations. It is expected that they will pump in another Rs. 400 crores for further lineup expansion and manufacturing in the future 4-5 years.

Mahindra 2-wheelers expect to break even with their investments of Rs. 100 crores by 2015. The company is speculated to register 1.2 lakh units of sales in the year 2012-2013. A decent growth rate for Mahindra is predicted along with motorcycles outselling their scooters in the future, which are selling decently well in the Indian market. Mahindra will introduce four new products in the next couple of years. This includes 2 new scooters as well as the 150cc bike and the 300cc Mojo.

At the launch of the e2o electric vehicle, Mahindra revealed its plans to launch electric motorcycles, which could become the company’s USP as currently there are no electric motorcycles on sale in India. With motorcycles weighing lesser than cars, an electric motorcycle will be a feasible option for those who travel inside the city frequently.