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Both cars get ABS and dual airbags as standard

Safety and After Sales Service – It is very good to see that both the manufacturers are upping their safety game by offering ABS and dual airbags as standard even on the base variants. The Marazzo has been recently awarded a commendable four-star Global NCAP safety rating. The car’s good build quality could be the primary reason for it. While the Ertiga hasn’t been tested, Maruti claims that the car is compatible with the upcoming crash test norms. But we will reserve our word till the car is crash tested.

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Maruti wins in terms of reliability and after-sales support

The Marazzo got a 4-star safety rating in Global NCAP, the Ertiga is yet to be tested

Maruti wins it hands down when it comes to after-sales. The company, as we all know is in a class of its own when it comes to reliability and after sales. Mahindra may not be quite there but with a slew of products in the pipeline, we are sure Mahindra will work on this department. Both the brands have upped their sales experience by upgrading their dealerships.

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If you are on a budget, get the Ertiga, otherwise the Marazzo offers way more practicality

Verdict – Before we jump on the verdict, let us look at the prices. The Maruti Ertiga costs Rs. 13.83 lakhs for the top-spec diesel variant while the Mahindra Marazzo costs Rs. 16.43 lakhs for the top spec M8 variant. The Ertiga might have not stood out anywhere in the comparison but it offers an unbeatable value proposition and that could be it’s greatest plus point.

But people wanting a proper MPV do spend more if they know that they are getting their premium’s worth. We have seen it with the Innova Crysta. Despite being significantly more expensive than the older car, the more premium features have made it just as successful as the older one. The Marazzo is Rs. 3 lakhs more than the Ertiga but also offers more. It is more refined, has better interiors and better refinement and build quality. Thus if you have the budget to stretch to the Marazzo, it is well worth doing so but if you want the most value for money MPV, the Ertiga is still the more practical choice.

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What would be your choice out of these two MPVs?

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