Maruti Suzuki has launched this application exclusively for its current and future NEXA customers.

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Only cars sold through NEXA Showrooms, the Baleno, Ignis, Ciaz and S-Cross are eligible for this system

Owners of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz and S-Cross can now get all the information about their cars on their mobile phones using the ‘Suzuki Connect’ application. The application is not free though and you will have to pay an all-inclusive sum of Rs. 9999/- for a three year subscription period.

The price isn’t exactly cheap but Maruti Suzuki have made sure that the price is justified. To start with, the system is not just an on-board diagnostics solution. The ‘Suzuki Connect’ is based on a Telematics Control Unit (TCU). This means that the system does the diagnostics and then sends the information to the desired places (the owner and service centre) through a cellular network with a centralised server connected to NEXA customer care.

The system offers multiple customer benefits, six to be precise. This includes Emergency Alerts wherein if the TCU detects an emergency situation like in the case of an airbag deployment, it will automatically send an alert to the user’s family/friends along with GPS co-ordinates and vehicle details. The user can feed up to five contacts who will receive this information. Then comes Vehicle Tracking which is a real-time feature. It provides live location sharing, tow away alert, Geo-fencing and navigation to your parked vehicle.

The Suzuki Connect app also has Proactive Assistance. Here, if the system detects a malfunction in the car, it will automatically send an alert to the NEXA customer care department which will then contact the owner. A Driver Behaviour Analysis feature gives the driver details about his driving style, economy, comfort and safety details along with trip details. The Live Vehicle Status feature allows the owner to check the car’s fuel level, odometer, seat-belt and status of the AC. Finally, Convenience Alerts will allow the owner to configure his fuel level alert, over speeding alert, etc. The system will even send accurate service reminders based on the odometer readings.

2800 technicians have already been trained throughout India to setup the ‘Suzuki Connect’ system in the cars. The system has been rigorously tested in India and has been developed to work in any part of the country. The application supports Android and iOS operating systems.

With everything, from fridges to air-conditioners going online, it was only a matter of time before Maruti Suzuki came out with its smart application. Now that they have, it will surely be helpful and reduce the number of things for the owner to worry about. The application is deeply embedded and very difficult to tamper with, thus making it secure. This will also be Suzuki’s first step in developing a comprehensive ecosystem of ‘Connected Cars’.

Suzuki Connect App

– It is a smart system that has multiple customer benefit features
– This ranges from emergency alert to proactive alerts and driver behaviour analysis
– The system costs Rs. 9999/- (all-inclusive) and is available only to NEXA customers

Suzuki Connect App
These are the various features provided by the Suzuki Connect app