The spokesperson didn’t reveal complete details but assured that the initial formalities are in the works.

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New tracks will attract more number of skilled riders and drivers into the business

Amidst the growing craze for motorsport in India, a recent news came in which makes for a reason to rejoice for racing enthusiasts. In the coming days, three new racetracks in India are going to be built which will, perhaps, be facilitated enough to organize international level racing events. Locations selected for setting up the racetracks include Hosur, Hyderabad and somewhere between Mumbai and Pune.

In a conversation with a media firm, Akbar Ibrahim, the president of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) spilt the beans and revealed the cheerful news. However, the official refused to unwrap the complete details regarding the plans. He said, “I can’t disclose details at the moment because they are in talks with us and it has to be confidential right now”.

Talking about the FMSCI’ role in the matter, the president informed that depending on the grade of the circuits the authorities want, they will be providing the essentials. FMSCI will be sharing their plans regarding the specifications of the circuit and homologations assistance will also be provided. The grade and type of infrastructure depends on the amount of investment the authority is ready to make.

Currently, India has three full-fledged racing tracks and two karting tracks at various locations and people who aren’t able to easily access them, stay deprived of taking part in the events. Speaking on this, the FMSCI president said, “When you have more karting tracks and racetracks near your hometown, you will take up the sport.”

Seems like Indian enthusiasts are rapidly moving towards showing their riding and driving skills on the racetracks instead of just wandering around city roads. These three new racetracks in India might ignite the hidden passion of fanatics and we may be able to see some really action-packed racing events in the future, right here in our country.

New Racetracks In India

– The circuits will be built at Hosur, Hyderabad and amidst Pune-Mumbai
– FMSCI will be providing support for homologation and specifications
– The level of track depends on the investment
– No government involvement in any of these circuits

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